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Six Life Rules Worth Remembering…

First – Ask Questions
Look at everything… Turn over a stone and be curious about the world that lies beneath it. Smell a flower and marvel at its beauty and wonder what could create such magnificence. Feel a breeze and know it has traveled the world just to arrive at the very moment you breathe it in and take from it its life’s force.

These things don’t happen by accident. There’s a great power in the universe and you will wonder about it all your life. Embrace it. Question it. Share it very carefully. But never doubt that it exists.

Second – Be Kind
For from kindness comes friendship. Trust, Joy and Love- each one an extension of the other. In any order, neither can live without the other. Only together can they make you a whole person.

Third – Learn the Value of Silence
Because only during silence do we learn to appreciate great music, great books, great art and education. From these you will form certain judgments and opinions. Always stand firm on these and know that they are true facts, not rumors or hearsay be it about politics or a friend.

Fourth – Love
Now, there are many, many different types of love. From “I love pizza” to “I love you darling”, and many years will pass before you will come to understand and truly know what it is.

Your heart will be broken many times but it will heal… only to be broken again. Learn from each until one day you meet someone who you’ll know is different than all the others… In whose company you can comfortably dose off, knowing full well you’ll be together when you awake. And to that Love you hang on forever.

Fifth – Truth
You must always tell the truth and be where you say you’ll be. It will keep your heart light and you’ll be fearless in the face of anything.

Sixth – Always Have a Dog In Your Life
For a dog expresses love like no other creature on Earth. It expects nothing and appreciates everything. It will express happiness and act the fool without the restriction of image.

Take a lesson from a dog and never lose the freedom to be silly.