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Selected programs can be customized to work with individuals, or presented to small companies up to large corporations.

Leadership Styles

“A most important key to successful leadership is your ability to direct and challenge the very best that is in those whom you lead.” Unknown

Leadership styles are patterns of behaviors used across a wide range of managerial and leadership situations. A leader’s effectiveness or lack thereof can often be drawn back to the use of a variety of styles in various situations. Knowing when and how to use a leadership style can be the difference between success and failure. The styles used by a leader will have the biggest impact on organizational climate.

This workshop identifies six leadership styles, the patterns of behavior, when they are most effective in the workplace, and how to work with individuals of varying leadership styles to create star performers.

Communication – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Learning Styles

What separates man from animal? One thing is the way we communicate. Learning an effective way to communicate clearly is a key to success, either in the workplace or at home. This training is an interactive workshop where the attendees learn about the major communications styles, identify their communication style, and how to interact with others more effectively.

Power of positive thinking

Are you looking for more balance between your life and your career? Would you like to harmonize your work with your life’s purpose? Would you like to experience joy while getting paid for doing what you love? This workshop covers methods to be more in control of your career direction, create a road map to help you plan for success, empower you to attract the right job opportunities, assess motivating skills, manage burnout skills, and discover what brings you joy in your life and career.

Personality Puzzle – Understanding the Personalities in your life

Do you know Paul Perfect, Harriet Hurry, Joe Jock, Martha Martyr, Bob Bossy, Larry Lazy, or Debbie Depressed? I certainly can’t be the only person whom they have called for coaching advice. This training reviews the four major personalities and how they affect people in the workplace, in their business relationships, and will help you to better understand how to communicate with them more effectively.

Self-Motivation –Who or what motivates you?

Even if you have a coach or a mentor or a partner, there are those times when you need to self-motivate. This workshop is particularly helpful for workplace morale and motivation. Learn the three rules of motivation, how to play to your strengths, and reduce de-motivators.

Discover Yourself Today – Your Future is Waiting

What’s holding you back from greatness? Are you resisting what’s right in front of you? There’s no time like right now to become better acquainted with yourself. This 4-week series will help you discover your inner power, help you move into your future with courage, determination and excitement, and boost your self-confidence.