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bannerAs entrepreneurs one of our biggest challenges is working ON our own businesses. The key is how you use your time – intentional time use.

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With all these important tasks needing to be done in a day’s work, how do you prioritize? Let’s take a hint from Brian Tracy’s ABCDE from Eat That Frog

A – a must do | Something very important, that you must do or else face serious consequences.  These items are the frogs of your life.  You know what they are.

If per chance you feel you have more than one “A” task, prioritize these tasks by writing A-1, A-2 and so forth by these items.  Your A-1 task is your ugliest, biggest, most croaking frog.

B – a should do | Something you should do. However, it has only mild consequences.  (the tadpoles of your work life)

The rule is that you should never do a “B” task when there is an “A” task left undone.  In other words, don’t be distracted by the tadpoles when a big ugly frog is sitting there waiting to be eaten.

C – nice to do | Something that would be nice to do, but there is no consequence at all, whether you do it or not.  This sort of activity has no affect at all on your work life.

D – delegate | Something you can delegate to someone else so you can be freed up to do an “A” task. Would that be dishes, laundry, weeding flowers beds, cooking?   Sweet!

E – eliminate | Something you can eliminate all together and it won’t make any difference.  You may have thought it important at one time, but it is now irrelevant, something you enjoy and might do out of habit.

Applying the ABCDE Method will help you be organized and ready to get more important things done first and faster.