1000 Little Pieces

Science tells us that humans are made up of billions of atoms. There are days that I feel like I’m physically split into at least a thousand of those atoms. Dark statement? Not really.

My interests and passions are numerous and quite varied. On the business side, I’ve been a speaker, writer, book author, coach, webinar leader, ghost blogger, and social media specialist; while on the personal side I’m an Italian chef, international traveler, vegetable garden enthusiast, crafter, and quilter. I love the challenge of trying new things while disliking it somewhat at the same time.

Humor is my companion. While my wit is not that sharp, I do tend to see life through a humorous filter. After many years of ghost writing business blogs, I want to unleash some of my more personal thoughts in this blog.

So at this time of year when goals are tossed around and motivation is at a peak, I contemplate which of my interests and passions will get attention this year. I do think that keeping all my atoms together in cohesive harmony is the key.

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